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Fill out one application; choose which version (Excel or PDF) works best for you.

Please send applications to or drop it off at the SCOEDD Office.

Smoke from residential wood stoves contain pollutants that can worsen indoor and outdoor air quality and cause harmful health effects, both long and short term. Those with lung conditions, children, older adults and others are especially at risk. Yet residents of many communities in the U.S. still depend on wood-burning stoves in their home as a primary or significant source of heat.


With funding through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its 2021 Targeted Airshed Grant Program (TAG) and partnering with the Klamath County Public Health, SCOEDD is proud to support ongoing efforts to improve air quality and protect community health in Klamath Falls by replacing inefficient woodstoves and fireplaces with more efficient Gas and Electric Options and providing basic home weatherization needs.


By upgrading, residents can:

  • Improve local air quality indoors and out

  • Warm home for less money

  • Cut creosote build-up in chimney and reduce the risk of fire

  • Improve family lung health by reducing indoor air pollution by 70 percent

  • Support the local economy

Up to $6,000 per approved Woodstove Changeout.

Up to $5,000 per Home Weatherization. 

This program is for low income homeowners within the Klamath Falls non-attainment zone.

If you have any questions about the program, please call SCOEDD at 541-884-5593 or email us for more information.

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