Klamath Neighborhood Revitalization Program - up to $50K GRANT

Klamath County has an aged housing stock within the Klamath Falls Urban Growth Boundary that are currently uninhabitable. Based on County Assessor records there are over 1,000 (one thousand) unoccupied homes needing repairs such as foundation reinforcement, new roofing, mold removal, etc.  National research links foreclosed, vacant, and abandoned properties with reduced property values, increased crime, increased risk to public health and welfare, and increased costs for municipal governments.

SCOEDD is excited to partner with Klamath County and the City of Klamath Falls to launch the Klamath Neighborhood Revitalization Program.  The program will make grants of up to $50,000 to incentivize property owners to make necessary repairs to the house so that it meets code and ensure property owners are living in the properties or using them to boost the affordable rental / housing market.


A few of the program goals...

  • Add 30+ homes to the housing inventory

  • Increase safety for vulnerable populations

  • Reduce blight / neighborhood beautification

  • Create employment opportunities / support Oregon’s workforce

  • Completion date for each home = 18 Months from County and City Approval 

  • Scalable, measurable, repeatable / pilot program

If you know someone who owns an abandoned home in the Klamath Falls Urban Growth Boundary (vacant since June 1, 2021), is current on their property taxes, and able to provide a minimum 10% match to grant funds, then let's work together to get the property up to minimal health and safety standards for occupancy!   

Please fill out the above fillable word application and email the form to denise@scoedd.org.  Should you have any questions, please call SCOEDD at 541-884-5593 and/or fill out the 'Get in Touch' form.

Together we can clean up Klamath one house at a time...