Klamath Lake Regional Housing Center (KLRHC)


KLRHC was formed in 2003 to provide citizens in Klamath and Lake Counties with information on becoming a homeowner or assistance to maintain homeownership.


In 2009 the KLRHC board expanded the scope of services and adopted a new name - Klamath Lake Center for Community RENEWAL. The vision of the Center is Revitalized Economies, Neighborhoods, Entrepreneurship and Workforce through economic development, community revitalization and community sustainability.


Our mission is to provide resources and expertise to the residents of Klamath and Lake Counties through economic development, community revitalization and community sustainability. KLRHC primarily benefits low and moderate income clientele (at or below 80% median income adjusted by family size and location).


  • The KLRHC is looking for 7 people in Lake County in need of home repairs that address health and safety. There are income requirements in order to qualify for this grant opportunity that is funded through the USDA Housing Preservation Grant.  

  • Business Revolving Loan Program – In 2007, KLRHC was approved as the sub-grantee for the Klamath County CDBG funded Economic Development Loan fund.  This program is used to provide “gap" financing for businesses.

  • Rural Microloan Assistance Program – Through the USDA RMAP program, we provide training, technical assistance, and loan funds to encourage entrepreneurship and provide economic benefit to local business owners.

  • Neighborhood Revitalization – Past programs through KLRHC were the Woodstove Change Out Program (this program is still offered through SCOEDD); World of Work Program, offering tools for unemployed/underemployed to obtain and retain employment; and URGENT Home Repair program, finding resources and funds to help low to moderate-income families with URGENT Home Repair needs. The current programs through KLRHC include working with the City of Klamath Falls on the Neighborhood Blight Project and Project Management and Administration of the Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program.