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Are you saving to reach your dream and need assistance? The Dream$avers Program will match your savings 5:1 and make your dream a reality.

If you want to attend college or trade school, start or grow a business, purchase equipment or training that can help you get a job, do home repairs, or get dental work, we can help you reach your dream by matching every dollar you save with another $5. 

Among other things, the Dream$avers funds can be used to:

  • Help purchase a home

  • Make needed repairs to a home

  • Help purchase a vehicle

  • Complete dental work

  • Start a business

  • Go to college

For more information about the application and the current waitlist, please reach out to us at or call us at 541-884-5593.


  • You live in Klamath or Lake county

  • Your GROSS household income is at or below the income limits for the program (the limits are listed by household size below)

  • You are at least eighteen years old

  • You can afford to save money and commit to making a deposit monthly for one to three years

  • You attend and participate in financial education and additional training that is specific to your saving goals.

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