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What would you do if a bank offered you 300% interest on your money?

Our Dream$avers program offers just that.


If you want to attend college or trade school, start or grow a business, purchase equipment or training that can help you get a job, do home repairs, or get dental work, we can help you reach your dream by matching every dollar you save with another $3.


Imagine how fast even a small monthly deposit will add up when your money is quadrupled!!!


Dream$avers will also provide you with training and support to help you achieve your goal.

Am I Eligible? 

You are eligible if you....

1. ...are income qualified
2. ...are an Oregon resident
3. ...are able to complete all required financial education classes

How Can I Use the Money?

  • Tuition & fees at an accredited education institution.

  • Fees, books, & supplies for courses or instruction.

  • Desktop/laptop computers & printers necessary to facilitate the duties of a students.


Start/Expand New/Existing Business

  • Equipment.

  • Inventory and fixed expense purchases.

  • Marketing and technology purchases.

Vehicle Purchase

  • Car purchase.

Home Repairs

  • Roofs.

  • Electrical upgrades or repairs.

  • Heating system upgrades.

Dental Program

  • Purchase of Dentures, Implants, or Partials.

Should you be interested in the Dream$avers program,

please click, download, and fill out the application below. Once you have filled it out and prepared all your verification documents, please contact Pam Ruddock (; 541.884.5593) for next steps. Please note,

filling out an application does not guarantee enrollment