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The South Central Oregon Economic Development District is pleased to partner with the Klamath Community Development Corporation (KCDC), the Klamath Lake Regional Housing Center (KLRHC), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Oregon Business Development Department (OBDD), and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to provide financing opportunities to businesses in Klamath and Lake Counties.


The purpose of these loan programs are to alleviate poverty and increase economic activity and employment in rural communities, especially disadvantaged and remote communities. The programs are targeted primarily towards smaller and emerging businesses, in partnership with other public and private resources, and in accordance with State and regional strategy based on identified community needs.

Below are some examples of our Loan Programs...

Quick Response Loan

Boosting small business recovery in wake of the Covid-19 Emergency

Quick Response highlights...

  • Up to $10,000

  • 10 or fewer employees

  • Fixed 5% interest rate

  • $200 monthly payments

  • 90-day grace period

  • Backed by personal guarantee

Rural Micro Loan

Provides Capital for Start Ups and Expansion for Existing Businesses

​Rural Micro Loan highlights...

  • Up to $50,000

  • 10 or fewer employees

  • 5 - 10% interest rate

  • Include 1:1 counsel and guidance

  • Backed by collateral

Business Loan

Focus is one 1 (one) job retained or added for every $35,000 provided 

​Business Loan highlights...

  • Up to $250,000

  • Flexible rates and terms

  • Backed by collateral

For additional information regarding the terms and conditions of the above loan programs, please fill out the form below

or call 541.884.5593, or email our Business Development Specialist, Denise Stilwell,


Since 2002, SCOEDD has made 320 loans to 74 businesses totaling over $5.95 million, meet a few of our

Loan Clients...

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