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Big Data for Small Businesses

Have you ever wanted to know how your business stacks up against your competitors?  Do you want to know where your customers are located?  Is your industry growing?  How many similar businesses have started in your area this past year? Where should you advertise?...

This user-friendly Size Up website gives local businesses 24/7 access to industry-specific and hyperlocal information to help them make data-driven decisions to better operate, succeed and grow. The tool is for established businesses as well as new businesses, entrepreneurs, or businesses interested in pivoting. Size Up is organized into three sections:

  • My Business - Rank business performance compared to industry competitors

  • Competition - Discover potential customers, suppliers and better understand competitive landscape

  • Advertising - Optimize advertising to target ideal customer segments

No need to sign in - just enter in your 'industry' or 'city' and get started. Sizeup is a Business Intelligence tool for small businesses and its FREE!  Go to or click the button below:

Listen for Success


Before there was 'the Tool Man Tayler', there was Betty Riley and Jamie Albert providing


Go back in time (to the year of 2016), and listen below

to gain some business insight and knowledge about the lending and loan process and increasing sales for your business.

Introduction - Increasing Sales 

runtime = 0:01:39

Show #3 - Focus on Sales and Marketing
Show 3 - Can you Do It (1).WMA

runtime = 0:24:56

Show #15 - Get to Know Your Banker
Show 15 - Get to know your Banker.WMA

runtime = 0:25:47

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