Who We Are…

The South Central Oregon Economic Development District formed in 1999, serves as the primary conduit for regional economic development resources for Klamath and Lake Counties Oregon. It provides the professional staff with support for economic development planning on a regional basis, and for the individual economic development efforts of Lake County and Klamath County. SCOEDD also manages and administers regional grant and loan programs.

Our vision for the future of Klamath and Lake Counties is a thriving economy, rooted in our local renewable resources, the resourcefulness of our people, and our willingness to work together for the mutual benefit of all of our citizens.

The mission of SCOEDD is: To build cooperation and collaboration between private, public and community entities that supports the creation of wealth through:

  • A more diversified jobs base providing a resilient economy and quality jobs that contributes to a rising standard of living.
  • An economy that draws on its agricultural, geothermal, and solar resources and is a leader in the development of alternative, sustainably-produced energy and the technologies that uses it.
  • Coordinated education and training opportunities for local residents that provide our workforce with a spectrum of skill levels and ensures that prosperity is broadly shared among the population.
  • A transportation system that enhances our quality of life, maintains pace with the changing regional transportation priorities, enhances the economy, and is managed in a responsible and responsive manner