The South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD) is focused on creating a thriving economy, rooted in our local renewable resources, the resourcefulness of our people, and our willingness to work together for the mutual benefit of both Klamath and Lake Counties.

We are a Special District working for the communities of Klamath and Lake Counties. We are governed by a 23-member board of directors that includes representation from the counties, cities and private sectors.    

We work hard everyday because we want our businesses to thrive and our communities to grow.   

Our Programs and Services


Since 2002, SCOEDD has made over 320 loans to 74 businesses in Klamath and Lake Counties totaling over $5.95 million.

In 2020, SCOEDD was able to provide 412 businesses with $3.38 million in grant funds which saved over 1,400 jobs.

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Click the links below to learn about and apply for (if it is open) the Dream$avers and Wood Stove Change Out Programs.

Also, learn more about our most recent Klamath Food Brand Project.


We love our communities of Klamath and Lake counties and we are excited to connect you with all the wonderful people and resources our towns have to offer.

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Klamath & Lake Counties


As one of SCOEDD's favorite repeat clients, we are very happy to recommend Gino's Café & Sports Bar to our Klamath and Lake communities. 


Opened since 1985, Gino's  Restaurant specializes in Breakfast Burritos and Italian Food!  Want to watch your favorite sports team, grab a friend and come down at 9am to watch on one of Gino's six - 50" television screens!  There is a private Dining Room AND an outdoor patio.  If you want to stay at home, you can order online!

address: 147 East Main Street, Klamath Falls

telephone: 541-884-6474



Outside Programs for Small Businesses and Community Members



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Open from May 26 - June 6


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Klamath Lake Regional Housing Center

Klamath lake Regional housing center


  • Alleviation of immediate health and safety hazards, including structural deficiencies, and substandard living conditions.

  • Modification necessary for disabled or elderly homeowners to remain in their houses.

  • Encourage neighborhood revitalization and energy conservation by rehabilitating homes to reduce use of energy.