About the Program

What would you do if a bank offered you 300% interest on your money? Take them up on it!

Our Dream$avers program offers just that. If you want to attend college or trade school, start or grow a business, purchase equipment or training that can help you get a job, do home repairs, or get dental work, we can help you reach your dream by matching every dollar you save with another 3.

Imagine how fast even a small monthly deposit will add up when your money is quadrupled!!!

Dream$avers will also provide you with training and support to help you achieve your goal.


Am I Eligible?

If you meet these requirements…

  • – Are income qualified
  • – Are an Oregon Resident
  • – Are able to complete all required financial education classes

How Can I Use the Money?

Pursuing a higher education or…

Job Training Expenses:

  • – Tuition and fees at an accredited education institution
  • – Fees, books and supplies required for courses or instruction
  • – Desktop or laptop computers and printers necessary to facilitate the duties of a student

Start a new business or expand an existing business…

  • – Equipment
  • – Inventory and fixed expense purchases
  • – Marketing and Technology Purchases

Home Repairs:

  • – Roofs
  • – Electrical upgrades or repairs
  • – Heating system upgrades

Dental Program:

  • – Purchase of Dentures, Implants, or Partials

Please Note: For work related only, not to be used as supplemental insurance. For more information contact Pamela Ruddock at 541-884-5593


Mac & Cheese Steaks

Owner Chris Hoss was a part of the Rural Micro-Assistance Program (RMAP) loan program to start his business. 

He states “I couldn’t have started this business and been as successful without the assistance of the Loan Program through SCOEDD.  It allowed me to purchase all the equipment I needed to start my Food Truck business offering folks a different choice in the ordinary food truck menu”.



Chris also participated in our Dream Savers program which offered him an additional $6,000 to use towards his business.  These funds helped upgrade equipment.


Pamela Ruddock
IDA Specialist
(541) 884-5593